125KHz RFID ID Keyfobs One Door Access Control Machine Kit Electric Strike Lock


Warm Tip: US orders, departed from U.S.A warehouse.Other country’s orders, departed from CHINA warehouse.As a result of our American partners don’t accept returns, returnd parcel need be sent to China. Descriptions: This Door Get admission to Keep watch over 125KHz RFID ID Card Reader with Elegant design, can also be use to increase home / workplace / factory security! It is easy to make use of!Get admission to Keep watch over system can set up the company, or authority of workplace building image standardization management, reinforce the management level, at the same time, standardized internal management system.If induction card lost can in an instant report the loss within the system, in order that even though any person else picked up the induction card cannot through the entrance guard system, is more convenient than strange mechanical lock, more safety. Details: Get admission to Controller: Contactless RFID transponder technology. Full programming from the keypad Make stronger Card, PIN, Card + PIN Connection for external release button. Build in RFID reader User capacity: 500users Doesn’t wish to connect at the computer, can works on my own Specifications: Operating Voltage:12VDC+10%;Current 1.2 Lock Relay:12VDC/2A 4-digits public PIN Capacity:1 Proximity Reader Frequency:125KHz Compatible Cards:EM or EM compatible cards Card Reading Distance: 3-15CM Dimension: 88×88×18mm/3.5×3.5×0.7inch Power Supply: With both NC / NO outputs, can Keep watch over more than a few sorts of electric locks Based delay Keep watch over circuit, lock time can also be in 0-15 seconds. The circuit board has remote Keep watch over port. Specifications: Input Voltage: AC 110~240V 50~60Hz Output Voltage: DC 12V 3A Outer Dimensions: 120x95x38 mm / 4.72×3.74×1.50 inch Electric Strike Door Lock: Material: Stainless Steel. Testing to 1000000 cycles. NO (Locked when power is got rid of), Fail Safe Suitable For: Wooden Door, Metal Door, Fireproof Door. Specification: Voltage: DC 12V Current: 200mA Holding Stength: 500kg Opening Mode: 90 degree swinging door Dimension: 150Lx39.5Wx34H(mm) 125 KHz RFID Card / Key Fob : Waterproof Operation Frequency: 125KHz Thinckess: 0.8mm Detecting distance: 3-10cm Compatible with all RFID ID card reader to gain Get admission to Perfect for attendance system, Get admission to Keep watch over system, identification, low frequency tag card, and the like. Exit button: Performance Testing: 1000000 times aging test. Suitable For: Wooden Door, Metal Door, Glass Door, Fireproof Door, and the like. Working voltage: DC12V Working current: 3A Face plate Size: 86×86 mm / 3.39×3.39 inch Remote Keep watch over: With the remote Keep watch over, you wouldn’t have to annoyance about to open the door, so long as for your Get admission to Keep watch over system fitted with remote Keep watch over, you’ll press the remote to open the door remotely, the distance reach as much as 50 meters, very convenient. Connection Diagram: Package Includes: 1 x RFID Get admission to Control1 x Electric Strike Lock (NO mode, Fail Safe) 1 x Power Supply1 x Exit Button1 x Remote Control5 x ID Cards5 x ID Key Fobs


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