1st ed. Brass PROMO SCNDRL League of Scoundrels #999 Authentic


It is a promotional Brass SCNDRL. I purchased it 2d hand. Completely original. These were passed out to vape shop vendors as a promotion before the copper/brass batches came out. I consider this one was once used at a vape shop. It has a few dings here and there however remains to be in 7/10 condition. I attempted to capture all dings the most productive I may just. Since this was once a promo the case could also be relatively other – it has a sticker as an alternative of the standard raised label. The button could also be clean. I consider at first the button could have been thicker than the aluminum and brought about minor sticking. Possibly it was once cut down? Succeed in out to me if in case you have any doubts or questions. I am promoting beneath market price.


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