Aka Signum MFT 7272M Metal Detector with 9″x12″, 7 kHz coil


The Aka Signum MFT 7272M Metal Detector is likely one of the easiest instrument within the Aka company’s line of production. Signum MFT 7272M has the most productive depth no longer simplest out of the Aka company’s metal detectors. Specifications for Aka Signum MFT 7272M: Patented space- harmonic filtering (SFT) technology, which significantly improves the standard of identification of objectsFunctions at a variety of 1 to 30 kHzHigh sensitivity to metal targetsS-set of rules identifies flat iron targetsModern large display (made in Germany)Unique «hodograph” technology, situated under the quest coil, defines targets easily and offers their exact value.Four search programs, installed within the factory,will also be modified by the userGround Balance for a special area (automatic and manual)Automatic ground adjustment – the power of the Aka Signum MFT to mechanically adjust to ground changes, which might inevitably occur all through search.2 search modes: dynamic and staticPinpoint serve as“hot spot” elimination functionOwners can change the quest coil independently The Aka Signum MFT 7272M is supplied with: Electronic Keep watch over Block 1 Aka search coil DD 9×12″ 7 kHz 1 Lower and middle shafts 1 package Installation package for the quest coil 1 package 6 AA battery set 1set Instruction manual 1 Moreover, the Aka Signum MFT 7272M will also be purchased with A backpack for carryingHeadphonesCover for coilCover for display Moreover, the metal detector Signum will also be modified with a different search coil Aka 6″ 7 kHz DD CoilAka 6″ 14 kHz DD CoilAka 6х10″ 7kHz DD CoilAka 6х10″ 14 kHz DD CoilAka 6х10″ 20 kHz DD CoilAka 10″ 7 kHz DD CoilAka 10″ 14 kHz DD CoilAka 9х12″ 7 kHz DD CoilAka 9х12″ 14 kHz DD CoilAka 9х12″ 3 kHz DD CoilAka 9х12″ 20 kHz DD CoilAka 13″ 7 kHz DD CoilAka 13″ 3 kHz DD CoilAka 15″ 7 kHz DD CoilAka 15″ 3 kHz DD CoilAka 9х12″ 3 ranges(3, 7, 13 kHz) DD CoilAka 13″ 3 ranges(3, 7, 13 kHz) DD Coil The entire search coils above are DD search coils. The Aka Signum MFT search coins identifies quite a lot of targets in size in addition to kinds of metal. Size maximum shaft length 120 cm ( 47 inches) maximum total length 150 cm ( 59 inches) diameter for the ten” sensor 26cm ( 10 inches) Technical specification of the Signum MFT 7272M: Battery type 6 AA batteries Battery time 18 hours Weight without batteries 1.25 kg ( 3 lbs) Weight in package 2.1 kg (5 lbs) As an alternative of AA batteries the Signum MFT can be utilized with rechargeable batteries.More main points at aka-detector.com Normal 0 false false false RU X-NONE X-NONE


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