Authentic Chubby Gorilla PET Transparent Bottles 30ML, 60ML, & 120ML LOT!!!


NEW RED AND BLUE PET BOTTLES AVAILABLE NOW!! Exclusive! Get them even as provides last!!! IN 60ML ONLY!!! Chubby Gorilla PET Unicorn Bottles are designed in particular for E-Liquid in contrast to others, they characteristic a semi-Cushy squeeze PET bottle that does not shatter like glass bottles, the mouth of the bottle is wider making it more uncomplicated to fill, the dripper base fits tighter to steer clear of leaks and the built-in drip tip is Slender to steer clear of over drip. The kid resistant cap and tamper Glaring seal are engineered for safety and assurance.That is Item is NOT for re-use. the nipple does not come off after it’s pushed in.# Kid Resistant Cap on all PET Unicorn Bottles# Twist off Plastic Tamper Glaring Ring# Food Grade Sturdy Cushy Squeeze PET# Slender, Convenient, Go back and forth-Simple Design# Simple-Pour, Slender Drip Tip for Spill-Free Dispensing# Never Concern About Leaks Destructive Your Different Stuff or Wasting Anything else# Ease-Squeeze Building for Consistent and Natural Float Rate# Pressure Sealed Tested for Most Sturdiness # Embossed With Proprietary, Signature Gorilla Brand as a Stamp of Absolute Quality# Designed & Engineered In California USAAPPLICATIONE-Juice, E-Liquids, Flavored Sauce, Oils, Crucial Oils, Paint, Soap and Cleaners


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