BRAND NEW RELEASE Nugget Finder Evolution 15″ Mono SL


The latest version of the already popular Nugget Finder Evolution 15” Round Monoloop has gotten even better! By taking out the middle portions of the coil, Nugget Finder was once ready to scale back the whole weight of the coil without sacrificing any quality. It’s going to “punch” as deep and is Each and every bit as sensitive as the solid 15” EVO, but lighter. That is currently one of the crucial highest coils around for patch hunting or for chasing big, deep nuggets off old patches! Evolution Technology: In traditional bundle wound Litz coils, the person turns of Litz wire are grouped together to form what essentially looks like a rope of wire. The Evolution Coils use the similar Litz wire; then again the person turns of wire are laid side by side to form a wide flat strap of wire. This system of winding is known as a Flat or Spiral winding. Flat winding reduces the capacitance between the wires and produces a a lot more efficient coil. It also dramatically increases the outside area of the winding, thereby producing a coil with both improved depth and sensitivity across all target sizes. This system of flat winding has been used for a few years in custom made and privately built coils. It’s considerably more difficult to provide this kind of winding in large quantities without sacrificing quality. Nugget Finder has developed a unique method of producing a flat winding which ensures that reliability and quality don’t seem to be sacrificed. Each and every Evolution Coil winding is in my view wound on a former, then clamped under pressure between two layers of high density Divinycell Foam. At the same time as clamped, an expanding foam is injected between the layers permanently infusing the winding into the foam. When combined with our unique bonded ABS and Polycarbonate component housing, the result’s the best quality search coil available on the market. • Improved Depth & Sensitivity over the Advantage Series • Improved Stability • Water-resistant to 1 Meter • Resin Encased Spiral Wound Litz Winding • Unique Solid Housing – Strong, Rigid & Lightweight • New Smooth Surface Skid Plate with tapered edges for longer life & quieter operation • Polycarbonate Shaft Mount • Gold Plated Plug • Compatible with Minelab GPX, GP & SD series gold detectors • 3-Year Warranty


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