DAVIS INSTRUMENTS 6490 UV Sensor UV Sensor Measures the sunburning component of the UV spectrum. Permits you to show UV index, dose rate, and day by day and accumulated dose. Multi-layer filter out supplies a spectral response that closely matches the Erythema Action Spectrum. Diffuser supplies very good cosine response. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, permits convection cooling of the sensor, and stops the trapping of water or mud. Contains built-in level and 2 (0.6M) cable. Compatible with both original Vantage Professional and Vantage Pro2. (Already included with Vantage Professional Plus and Vantage Pro2 Plus.) You may additionally desire a Solar Sensor (#6450) and Sensor Mounting Shelf (#6673). About UsOver 250,000 glad shoppers since 2002! Massive variety: tens of thousands of goods in electronics, administrative center, photo, furniture, appliances, computers, and plenty of more. Competitive costs, fast shipping. We now have been ranked among 5,000 fastest-growing Corporations in The usa since 2008 and included in Web Retailer Most sensible 500 Corporations list. Please contact us for any considerations along with your order.


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