EPSON BT-300 Smart Glass MOVERIO Organic EL Panel High Definition Japan Version


FYI:That is Japan Domestic Version. The instruction manual is in Japanese. Description A New Method to See the World MOVERIO smart glasses are setting the usual in Augmented Reality, with the smallest, most comfortable and most reasonably priced smart eyewear available on the market, combined with a growing ecosystem of partners and hardware. Innovative and brighter, more natural display from BT-2 hundred. Features Fully Transparent Display Seamlessly blend digital content into the world around you. Built on Android Familiar & accessible OS development environment. In reality Wearable Light, comfortable & natural design. Motion Tracking Head tracking sensors enable a 360° digital canvas. Environmental Awareness Front‑facing camera enables Augmented Reality. Binocular Form Factor Dual displays for 3D content. Specification Lightest smart glasses on market (20% lighter than BT‑2 hundred) OLED display‑more natural color and images Unique design fits over regular glasses Improved nose and cable design increase comfort HD binocular display (720p) (1280×720) Wider color spectrum projection than BT‑2 hundred 5million pixel camera External memory media:microSD(max 2GB)、microSDHC(max 32GB) Weight: Headset 69g(apart from cables,shade) controller:129g FAQ Are you able to lower the worth within the invoice or mark it as a gift? We can’t undervalue the products or mark them as gift/used item, as it’s prohibited by the law. Please be aware. What “Japan model” means? It means Japan domestic market model. Are you able to send me an English manual? English manual may also be found and downloaded online. If you’ll not find English manual, please tell us. We can help you. Are you able to check the item/change settings before shipping? We can’t achieve this so as to keep modern condition. If in case you have problems with changing the settings, please tell us. We can help you. Is the item genuine and modern? All our products are genuine and modern in original boxes. We don’t sell fake/used items. Is the box factory sealed? There are items that come sealed by manufacturers. There are also items come unsealed. Regardless of if the product comes sealed or unsealed, it’s modern and unopened. What about import taxes in my country? Unfortunately we can’t check import tax information of your country from Japan. Please check along with your local customs workplace or contact the post workplace for more info. Are you able to ship by the use of standard registered mail/DHL/and the like? We ship by the use of EMS or FedEx only.


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