AUTHORIZED FALCON DEALER FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING WITHIN USA FALCON MD20 METAL DETECTOR Package BRAND NEW Able to detect gold so small its barely visible to the naked eye! You’re going to receive: Falcon MD20 Metal Detector, Gold Test Card, Holster, Take care of and How 2 DVD. Falcon MD20, has transform an industry standard for electronic probes of a wide variety. Its high frequency of 300 kHz and unique electronic design have given it excellent ability to find super fine gold particles that other detectors and probes cannot find. The Falcon can find particles of gold barely visible with the human eye. The Falcon’s superior ability to detect gold, silver, copper, platinum and other valuable metals in rock formations give you the prospector with a tool unavailable until now. Historically, tailings piles were created by miners selecting good ore from “worthless rocks” by sight alone. Millions of dollars of valuable ore were discarded because the miner couldn’t see the metal!! Those metals are still lying in those tailings piles waiting for someone with the electronic sight of a Falcon. Falcon Metal Detectors is now announcing the latest member of the family, the MD20. With improved sensitivity and more power, the MD20 series of Falcons will give the modern prospector the ability to find gold in places never before detectable. Small enough to slot in you pocket and rugged enough to be used in the field, the MD20 will be a necessary tool for every serious prospector. Works super as a pinpointer once you detect a target, or use as a detector alone in tight areas. Just cary the Falcon along Whilst you are detecting with your swinger and when things get too tight between the rocks or crevices or you are on a target in a deep hole the Falcon will find GOLD others will miss! One very useful application is to use as a sampler before drywashing. Just put some sample paydirt in a pan, run the Falcon Probe under the pan and see if you get any hits. It’ll detect even the smallest amount of gold and can help you know if its worth working the area! You save many hours of work by just working the productive areas! Whilst designed with the gold prospector in mind, the Falcon has found many other metal detecting uses, such as: * * Hobby – Pinpointing coins and jewelry without touching them * Medical – Locating metal fragments in the body * Construction – Locating covered up nail heads * Food Service – Scanning for metal fragments * Wood Working – Finding metals before damaging blades * Many others where small metal pieces wish to be detected. 5 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY • BUILT IN SPEAKER (to be used without headphones) • 3.5MM HEADPHONE JACK • 2 9V BATTERIES INCLUDED FALCON MD20 HANDLE Three piece Take care of with foam grip. Probe fits in end. Wire from probe fits through Take care of. Reach into places you can not reach or do not need to reach. Helps probe underwater, cracks, holes, underneath boulders and any other place you can not reach or place your reach your probe in hand safely.FALCON MD20 HOLSTER Heavy duty holster attaches your belt with a belt loop. Ease and portability Whilst walking. Probe and wire wind up in holster’s strap. Make adjustments to your ground balance at you hip. Why hold the falcon keep an eye on box? Keep one hand free instead of holding the keep an eye on box Whilst you use the probe with your other hand. How to Process Gold Concentrate: A Complete Guide DVD Hosted by: Professional Miner Rob Goreham BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE. INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONAL FALCON MD20 SEGMENT PLUS MUCH MORE!!! You worked hard to get your gold so why let any of it get away? How to Process Gold Concentrate: A Complete Guide DVD. From the TV Series: Adventures In Prospecting Episode #15. Watch as Rob Goreham walks you through the most efficient method to keep your whole gold, including MICRON. See BLUE BOWL set up for probably the greatest way to get gold even under 100 mesh! Watch as the FALCON gold detector calls out gold that may be hiding in your gravels! Much, a lot more tips and technique with a view to yield higher gold recovery …. DVD has a special bonus feature: Prospectors Casey Kelton and Joey Wilson do some sluicing in the California Motherlode Country and get better nice gold the use of a high powered magnet that removes the iron as the material runs through their sluice. Segment is only to be had on the DVD version of this episode. Educational and Entertaining as well. A professional video demonstration will show you step-by-step instruction on how gold to get the most gold out of your concentrate. Language is in ENGLISH. DVD is about 1 hour in length. This isn’t an amateur video. This was once shot an edited for broadcast television by an Out of doors TV Production Team and You’re going to receive the extended DVD version! Comes in a TRIGGER CONTROLLED (pull a trigger and the DVD pops out) QUALITY CONSTRUCTED SOFT-CLEAR PLASTIC DVD CASE FOR SAFE DVD STORAGE. THIS IS MONEY WILL SPENT. YOU WILL MAXIMIZE YOUR FINE GOLD RECOVERY AFTER WATCHING THIS DVD WHEN YOU APPLY THE KNOWLEDGE GAINED HEREIN. IN STOCK • READY TO SHIP FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING IN USAWE ARE AN ACTUAL RETAIL MINING STORE IN OROVILLE, CALIFORNIA, USA. Not operating out of a garage or house. We can answer all questions 🙂 Just message us here on ebay. <img src=”https://ti2.auctiva.com/web/aswCredit.gif” border=”0″><br><a href=”https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/listing/listing-advanced-sellers/third-party-listing-tools.html#m22_tb_a2__13″ target=”_blank”><img src=”https://ti2.auctiva.com/images/sc1line2.gif” border=”0″></a>


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