Go Power GP-ISW700-12 700 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter


NEW IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING, SHIPS SAME DAY TRANSIT TIME 1 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS DEPENDING ON STATE Cross Energy! seven hundred-Watt Business Natural Sine Wave Inverter takes 12 volt DC battery Energy and converts it to an actual reproduction of AC family Energy. It’s assured to frequently run any load as much as 700 watts (So long as your battery bank can maintain a 70 amp DC in step with hour Energy draw). The ISW700 comes with a 2 year guaranty. This inverter has 20amp GFCI shops. You’ll be able to acquire the GP-DC-KIT2 one by one to hook up with batteries effortlessly. So long as the burden isn’t larger then 700 watts continuous, this inverter will run it. The GP-ISW700-12 can surge to 1230 watts for 5 2nd and 1400 watts for 1 2nd. The GP-ISW700-12 accommodates all directions required for install.


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