NEW BOSS Audio 7″ Touchscreen In-Dash DVD/CD/USB Car Stereo Radio w/Bluetooth


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D. & SONS, LLC SHALL MUTUALLY INDEMNIFY VENDOR/MANUFACTURER FROM ANY (A) ALLEGED FAILURE OF D. & SONS, LLC TO COMPLY WITH THIS AGREEMENT; (B) NEGLIGENT OR GROSSLY NEGLIGENT ACTION, INACTION, OMISSION OR INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT OF D. & SONS, LLC. V. Choice of Law. The laws of the State of Colorado and Nevada govern this Agreement and any disputes arising hereunder. Excluding injunctive or other equitable relief, D. & Sons, LLC and ebay Customers, ebay Merchants, and all other involved ebay parties and external 3rd parties currently active in E-commerce ebay Marketplace governance agree that, as a condition precedent to the institution of any action regarding disputes arising under this Agreement, such disputes shall first be submitted to mediation before a professional mediator selected by the parties, at a mutually agreed time and place, and with the mediator’s fees split equally between the parties. 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