Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch – SMP3700 – Push Button


YOU ARE BIDDING ON New In The Box Philips 3700 SpeecMike We will be able to will let you set up your new microphone (30 min tech time) A FAMILY BUSINESS SINCE 1969!!! QUESTIONS: Must you may have any questions, please feel free to message us. Pam or Lisa SHIPPING: by means of Track in a position UPS or USPS Fast Shipping, item will typically ship the similar or next business day after payment. Warranty Product A Year Warranty from Date Received We can Repair or Replace Unit (Warranty Does Not Include -Abuse, Fire, Flood or Lightning) TAXES – Florida and Georgia Residences Please add sales tax on your county in your purchase. (US Buyers Only Please) WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN ADVANCE. PRODUCT DESCRIPITON: Philips SMP3700/00 SpeechMike Premium Touch USB push button dictation microphone – New The Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch sets the usual again for PC based desktop dictation – in each and every imaginable way. With breakthrough technologies such as the free-floating studio quality microphone and the hexagonal grille around it, offering 10% more open space than round holes it provides crystal clear recordings. Because of a close cooperation with professional end users the SpeechMike Premium Touch is some other milestone in customer driven product development. PREMIUM QUALITY Free floating microphone – best in class recording quality for highest SR accuracy A pearl metal colored cabinet – provides high value impression and reduces fingerprints A chrome plated Philips wordmark – emphasizes the premium status of the SpeechMike Large speaker hole area – enables to play back recordings in clear and crisp quality Wearless touch sensor cursor keep watch over – guarantees smooth and convenient operation ROBUST AND RELIABLE A detachable cable – for extended lifetime Metallized four position slide switch – provides elegant and robust appear and feel Wear-free slider detection – proven solution for an additional-long lifetime Durable slider and buttons – guarantee unchanged tactile feeling over the entire lifetime Doubled wall thickness in vulnerable areas – provides remarkable drop resistance Developed for low power USB ports – reliable utilization in all computer environments Further improved barcode scanner – extended range and much more robust for heavy-duty use COMFORTABLE Front keypad design with 3 ‘dictation zones’ – for blind operation and intuitive use Clickable dynamic touch sensor – ideal for controlling PC applications on more than one monitors Built in playback volume keep watch over – convenient keep watch over of audio settings Drag & drop with rear trigger button – familiar utilization for all SpeechMike users Pick & drop keep watch over – convenient movement of selected parts (text, pictures, and the like.) Ergonomically shaped backside – perfectly fits the human hand Integrated motion sensor – avoids unintended recordings e.g. in case of an incoming phone call Configurable scroll wheel function – conveniently scroll through your documents, e-mails, … FLEXIBLE Four programmable function keys – make more from your SpeechMike Additional ‘Instruction’ button – more flexibility for speech recognition commands Fully configurable keypad – personalize your SpeechMike consistent with your preferences Remote configuration and firmware upgrade – less work for administrators Works in most common VDI environments – proven quality for Citrix, VMware, or Remote Desktop applications Backwards compatible – seamless exchange of SpeechMike III or SpeechMike Premium. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Antimicrobial housing – perfect for allergic persons and to be used within the medical environment Button layout designed around proven ergonomic findings – for comfortable dictation Minimized finger movements for heavy-duty dictation – stressless working all day long GEARED FOR SPEECH RECOGNITION Free-floating, decoupled microphone – removes any touch noise and click noise Polished cabinet and buttons – avoids unwanted touch noise Improved noise cancelling effect – reduces disturbing background noise to a minimum Integrated pop filter – perfect results although dictating closely into the microphone Metal microphone grille with optimized structure – provides crystal clear recordings Optimized frequency response for voice recording – for best speech recognition results Integrated keyboard mode – speech recognition with none additional software


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