POSEIDON LONG RANGE METAL DETECTOR Normal 0 false false false EL X-NONE X-NONE There is Video to be had in Youtube to see how the device look like & see e test how to locate a gold target. Copy and paste the following links in your web browser: https://youtu.be/YR4DWKrwjLk https://youtu.be/y5ovQuxQ-mo POSEIDON is a Long Distance Locator for metal, gems, liquids and more the usage of a HIGH QUALITY DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) signal generator, transmitting unique molecular frequency. Each metal… Each material has a unique molecular frequency so POSEIDON give us the ability to use that! POSEIDON is in a position to generate 5.000.000 frequencies, starting from 0,01Hz until 50.000,00 Hz in 13 different wavefoarms (5.000.000×13) We also be able to SAVE and LOAD 19 frequencies. That mashine helps a dowser to do dowsing without the usage of samples. The sticker on the keep an eye on panel in that publish is in Greek Language but there is the ability to print it in English as well. For users out of the country Hellas I can print the English version. New Feature In POSEIDON is that instead transmitting the Frequency with the three Antennas, we may be able to enable or disable SOUND transmitting of the desirable frequency to the field of our research, avoiding FAKE targets – hot rocks or annoying magnetic fields. Distances and depth of the instrument will also be acording to the user skills and the size of target 200 meters untill 2.400 + meters, depth more that 6 meters. How are we able to use POSEIDON? It is so easy and friendly…with The keep an eye on panel. User manual in English will be provided. Now how we do a research? Well, (LOOK PICTURE BELLOW) or watch the video: https://youtu.be/YR4DWKrwjLk (copy and paste the link to your web browser) we hold POSEIDON, we extend the antennas, we give you the desirable frequency to transmit it… And then we start slowly slowly turn our body from right to the left…. 360 degrees. Now where there’s a target, POSEIDON will not follow our turn… Will stop showing the direction of our target. We mark on the ground the direction…and We go on until we finish the 360degrees rotation of our body. So we might have multiple targets we mark them all on the ground. Next step is to move to another spot in the field… 10-20 meters away…and We do the same procedure. Now, we have again new marks of our targets on the ground. So we see the direction from the first target…. And the direction from the same target in the second one spot… If we believe a line from the first target….and A line from the second one spot…these Lines are meet eachother. That X that they meet eachother is our TARGET. Also we may be able to walk…to The target line, and when we are above the target the POSEIDON turn LEFT until the antenna hit our chest, or if we have not extend the antenna, then the machine start make turns unstoppable to let us know we are on the target. All of the above needs good training…and Experience how to use POSEIDON properly. POSEIDON has been made of the most efficient quality of components, and I’m able to provide after sale service to the owner around the world. In the user manual will be basic frequencies for Gold – Silver – copper – bronze and the like. Boxing include: Poseidon device, Deal with, 3 bnc Antenna (batteries & charger NOT included becouse DHL service dows not accept them ) ***USE 2 AA (14500 3.7V 2300mAh Rechargeable Li-ion) Battery *** to be had in eBay Battery life can last 30 min to 1+ hour depending to the capacity in mAh that you’re going to use. SELLING RULES: 1. I only accept paypal payment 2. I Ship with DHL & Shiping time frequently takes in Europe 1-3 days & around the world 3-10 days depends on local customs. 3. Import duties, taxes, and charges aren’t included in the item price. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. 4. POSEIDON is an Digital Electronic Dowser made by me, helping dowsers to find a target from long distance. RETURN RULES If you receive a Broken, Non working, Defective or Damaged on transit item (with evidence – photo needed) you’ll receive a replacement (new item) after I can have back the returned item, BUT NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Shipping charges (to go back the item) are buyers responsibility. Take the good thing about the low introduction price and buy your POSEIDON. I can be pleased to respond to any question! Some times the antenna or the switches aren’t same as the photos…some times silver some times gold… depends on the distributor. See all photos to see all versions of antenna or switches


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