Protect 1206 i Spy Camera Detector Bug GSM Finder Hidden Counter Surveillance


Skilled Digital RF Detector – DD1206 AKA – Give protection to 1206i The Give protection to 1206i is a complicated hand-held radio frequency detection device that accommodates the power to detect just about any form of wireless protocol together with digital frequencies such as Wi-Fi and analog frequencies reaching as much as 6Ghz in vary. Making this detection device extraordinarily a success at finding unwanted surveillance threats are the 2 other antennas users can deploy and the demodulation feature which allows the users to listen to the sound signature of the frequency. The very best tool for on the lookout for digital and analogue transmitters within the frequency rangesMain antenna 40MHz – 6GhzIncreased sensitivity to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi signals permits the operator to detect wireless sources at distance of 50 cm- 2 mDetects GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and RF16-phase bar graph indicator providing a large dynamic range4 work modes: silent, sound, vibration and mixed2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator)Sturdy metallic bodyMicroprocessor controlledCorrelation serve as discovers FM-transmitters by the presence of sound is other than other detectors this unit can produce a loop-back impact A microphone transmitter will pick out up the sound and transmit the beep. The demodulation display will pick out up the transmission and flash concurrently. Also, when the unit detects other transmission other sounds will come from the unit depending the kind of transmission it detectsDetects Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT, GSM, and RFWeight 1.00Unit Size 2.75 x 4.75 x .75Box Size 7 x 5 x 1.50 Operation as much as 20 hours Power 2xAAAFrequency vary, Antenna #1: 40MHz – 6Ghz.


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