TekneticsGammaMetalDectator Teknetics are Made in USA Are usedforhunting things


The Teknetics Gamma Metal Detector is so easy to make use of that even an green person can conduct a certified level metal detection or treasure hunt. This static metal detector features a two-digit numerical target ID system so they can guide you all the way through the method. It has four other tones, 79 levels of adjustable discrimination, More than one notches, adjustable sensitivity, and an intuitive menu system so they can help within the usage. The Teknetics metal detector has a number of search modes and a system to care for ground balance. This sensitivity metal detector additionally features a battery level indicator, numerical depth readout, and running depth indicator, which come up with the entire vital main points to finish your search. It requires one 9V battery for operation (no longer included). Teknetics Gamma Metal Detector: Two-digit numerical target ID system Tone discrimination Four tones 79 levels of adjustable discrimination More than one notches selectable by classes Totally static push-button pinpoint Adjustable sensitivity Battery condition indicator Intuitive menu system Numerical depth readout Running depth indicator Audio pitch proportional to signal strength Rubber button regulate interface Discrimination search mode All metals search mode Overload alarm system Ground clutch Manual ground balance Ground mineralization readout 8″ concentric open-face coil system Requires one 9V battery (no longer included) Specifications Model GAMMA Emblem Teknetics Manufacturer Phase Number GAMMA Options 8 Inch Open Water-resistant Coil Searchcoil, Variable Notch System Modes, 7.8 kHz Operating Frequency Assembled Product Weight 5.25


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