The Buccaneer Sand Scoop #706


This five” diameter sand scoop with a 14” maintain is product of 16 gauge steel and powerful ½” cord welded screen. The ¾” maintain is brazed to the bucket at a 20° attitude – this attitude makes it Simple to dig in sand. A comfortable rubber hand grip is placed at the finish of the maintain for comfort. A really perfect scoop to make use of in each wet and dry sand. Simple to make use of and light-weight. Made in the united statesA. NO INTERNATIONAL MAIL SHIPPING!Modern (in box), shipped in protecting, cardboard box so as to save you any injury to unique factory packaging by means of USPS or FedEx.This package contains Factory Calendar, Catalog, and Mag (when to be had).Buy this before 3:00 pm EST and get it shipped at the same day Orders after 3:00 pm and weekends ship next industry day!30- day go back policy.For more main points read our go back policy.


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