Wicked Lasers Lunar purple laser


It is a Depraved Lasers Lunar red laser. It has 9 operating modes together with strobe, and SOS. Comes with energy graph, consumer handbook, protecting glasses, charger, common adaptor, rechargeable batteries, holster, and multiplied lens package. A few pieces are unopened. The laser has been became on to ensure it really works.That is the lunar laser from the Depraved lasers Spyder 3S collection, one of the vital rarest within the line. >1W 405nm THIS LASER IS NOT FOR POINTING. THIS IS NOT A TOY. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY WITH THIS. DO NOT SHINE LIGHT IN YOUR EYES OR USE WITHOUT PROTECTIVE EYESORE. DO NOT SHINE THIS LIGHT AT AIRCRAFT. IT IS A FELONY IN THE USA. DO NOT EXPOSE SKIN TO THIS. IT CAN BURN YOU.


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